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I am Bart the robot

I am fun to play with but I can also teach you robotics


I can teach you electronics and robotics so you can make robots like me. I teach school kids, electronic hobbyists, students and anyone that finds electronics, Internet OThings and robotics exciting. And I can do that for anyone  from 12 years to 120 years. Well… if you are older than that I require you to be young at heart.

Want one or need more info?

I look gooood, don't I?

I am bigger than your average run of the mill robot because I am not an ordinary run of the mill robot. I am quality, made of only the best parts available.

Even if you do not want to learn about what makes me “tick” I am still a 100% functional robot with more than 20 different and amazing functions that will give you joy for a very long time. But I must give you a word of caution, I just might make you wonder how I work under the hood, and that will hook you to such great extent that you might want to know more, learn more, and you might end up the student and me your trainer.


What I am not, is serious. I was made for fun, I am teaching in a fun way, and I will keep you interested and excited from day one.

Bart features

Bart the robot consist of two parts

Bart the physical robot.

Bart is not just a bunch of components  you put together creating some projects. It is a highly sophisticated Bluetooth and WiFi robot with quality parts and the latest in technology. We went all the way with this robot, some might say that many of the parts are an “overkill”. That might be true but we want to give you more than basic robotics training we included advanced components not normally found on a robot so you can learn the latest and greatest in technology. 

Bart the robot’s chasis is a PC board with many electronics soldered to it as well as advanced modules you can plug into the robot chassis but can also later be used in other projecs. 

Bart online training.

There is an even more important part of Bart, the education. The robot is the hardware, the components and the parts you need. The training include step by step PDF documents, videos and all kinds of resources. There are more than 16 modules and each module consist of 3-4 lessons each. The training will continue growing as new technologies and components become available becuase Bart has an extetion slot where new electronic modules can be plugged in.

Then there is the online training and technical support system where our staff will answer your questions and get you unstuck when you hit a brick wall, so to speak. Hitting a brick wall is figurative ok? I do not want to be driven into brick walls.

Bart's features

Below is just a quick and condensed summary of what Bart can do. Bart has Bluetooth and WiFi build-in has a huge brain and many sensors.

Bart’s brain

Bart's brain

Bart brain ESP32 dev board

  • ESP32 microcontroller
  • Built-in Bluetooth to control Bart from a cellphone
  • Built-in WiFi to control Bart via the Internet
  • Dual-core (two processors in one)
  • Fast speed 80 Mhz
  • Lots of space 4Mb that is enough to program complete web pages on the MCU
  • Uses little power so Bart can run for days on a battery
  • 26 input and output pins
  • Built-in touch sensors
  • Built-in magnet sensor 
Sound and microphone


  • Two big speakers making your Bart a Boom box, all kinds off sounds and even a siren with the microwave movement sensor
  • I2S amplifier module. I2S is the latest in sound technology – we cover it fully
  • Superpro and sensitive I2S microphone so Bart can respond and even record sound
  • SD card to store music and recordings
Motor control


  • 2 x Low power consumption, high quality, 500 rpm motors with steel gearboxes
  • 2 x Super cool high grip mag wheels at the back and caster wheel for smooth turning in front
  • Latest technology motor driver IC to control wheels direction and speed
  • Easy programming and control of the motors with PWM (control power to the motors)



  • Ultrasonic sensor (measures distance) to help Bart to avoid obstacles
  • 3 x line tracking sensors to make Bart follow lines
  • Light sensitive sensor so Bart knows if it is day or night, lots of fun to program Bart to run away or follow the light from a torch or behave in different ways in day or night
  • High technology microwave movement sensor, can even pick up movement behind objects. Program all kinds of behaviours when motion is detected, it can also be used as a stand-alone alarm system in a room or caravan.
  • Infrared sensor, Bart can be controlled from a cellphone but also with the included remote controller
  • 2 x additional I2C ports to connect other sensors or I2C devices to Bart, you will learn all about I2C in this course
Other components


  • Bart has 10 addressable multicoloured LEDs. It can be programmatically controlled to produce any colour you can imagine. The back LEDs, for example, can be turned red when Bart brake, lights can flash when obstacles are detected, lights can go on when Bart detects night time and much more.
  • 0.96-inch High-resolution OLED screen that can be used as a menu to put Bart in different modes with buttons and encoders mentioned below. Or even see messages or select songs from Bart
  • 2 x switch and rotary encoder with an additional switch. A rotary encoder looks like a “volume control” but works in such a way that Bart can pickup the turns when turned clockwise or anticlockwise to do things like scrolling through a menu on the screen
  • I2C expander IC for 4 extra analog pins
  • 2 x digital expander Ic’s for 8 Input/output pins and 16 PWM pins.
Battery power

Barts battery

  • 4400 mAh high-quality lithium power pack with overcharge and under-voltage protection
  • Battery charging IC to charge the battery from the USB cable or your cellphone charger
  • Mosfet IC’s to detect charging and switch off driver IC’s
  • Buck/boost IC to keep power stable to CPU even increase volts to IC when the battery starts to go flat
  • Battery saving circuitry to demonstrate battery-saving programming.


  • Programming is done using the very popular Arduino free software
  • Android Bluetooth software that includes training to write own software to program Bart
  • Our own Bart library that is open source, this library include many functions to make Bart programming fast and easy. In the course, we do it both the hard way for educational purposes and the easy way with the library.
  • Bart includes an unused plug that can accept all kinds of future boards like GSM, relay and LoRa extensions.
  • Ability to add bigger screens.
  • Mounting holes for add on body parts etc. to pimp your robot.
  • Bart’s brain can be removed to use in other applications.