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Bart the robot course

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Course modules

Module 1 Introduction to Bart and the course
Unit 1 Lets get started
Unit 2 What can Bart do?
Module 2 Building and using Bart
Unit 1 Bart's Parts
Unit 2 Bart's add-on modules
Unit 3 Building Bart
Unit 4 Testing your robot
Unit 5 Using Bart
Module 3 Understanding micro controllers
Unit 1 The functions of a microcontroller
Unit 2 GPIO pins and what they do
Module 4 Bart's brain - the ESP32 MCU
Unit 1 The ESP32 microcontroller
Unit 2 ESP32 specs & dev board
Module 5 Programming IDE and upload programs
Unit 1 Installing the Arduino IDE add-on
Unit 2 Libraries and programs
Unit 3 Uploading the default Bart program or updated version.
Module 6 Basic Bart electronics and extension IC's
Unit 1 Electronic basics
Unit 2 SMD components
Unit 3 Datasheets
Module 7 Bart programming - digital
Unit 1 MCU Programming fundamentals
Unit 2 LED on/of program
Unit 3 GPIO usage and assigning functions to the pins
Unit 4 Capacitive touch and hall effect sensors
Module 8 WS2812b Led's High tech that looks good!
Unit 1 Using libraries
Unit 2 The "for" loop
Unit 3 Addressable multicolored lights
Module 9 Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance (distance measurement)
Unit 1 Write your own functions
Unit 2 Ultrasonic obstical avoidance
Module 10 Bart IR remote control
Unit 1 Binary and hexadecimal numbers
Unit 2 IR remote control
Module 11 Oled screen
Unit 1 I2C protocol explained
Unit 2 Wire lib and scanning I2C devices
Unit 3 Working and programming an oled display
Module 12 The art of combining things
Unit 1 Testing conditions & if...else
Unit 2 While loop and random()
Unit 3 Switch...Case statement & serial read
Unit 4 Let's combine even more things.
Module 13 Analog pins and push-buttons
Unit 1 Understanding analog pins
Unit 2 Switches pull-ups and analog
Module 14 Communication protocols
Unit 1 I2C, SPI and UART
Unit 2 I2S inter-chip communication
Module 15 Bart's sound system
Unit 1 Digital sound
Unit 2 An overview of the Bart Sound system
Unit 3 Libraries and basic sketch
Module 16 SD cart reader and sound
Unit 1 SD card reading and writing
Unit 2 Play MP3 music files
Module 17 Working with sound files
Unit 1 Working with sound files
Unit 2 Making sound files smaller
Module 18 Expander IC's
Unit 1 Extender IC's
Module 19 Light dependent resistor (LDR)
Unit 1 Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)
Unit 2 Reading the LDR values via the ADS1115 ADC expander IC.
Module 20 Movement sensor and I/O expender IC
Unit 1 Microwave movement sensor (RCWL-0516)
Unit 2 Movement sensor and rotary switch push button
Module 21 The I2S microphone
Unit 1 I2S Microphone INMP441
Module 22 WiFi
Unit 1 Basic networking and WiFi
Unit 2 ESP32 WiFi modes
Unit 3 Creating a basic web server
Unit 4 Creating HTML pages
Unit 5 Adding buttons and sensor values to web pages
Module 23 Bluetooth classic basics
Unit 1 Bluetooth basics
Unit 2 Bluetooth apps
Unit 3 Bluetooth app communication
Module 24 PWM
Unit 1 The PWM channels and engine
Unit 2 The PWM extender IC
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